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Looking for someone to make a Facebook app or perhaps something fun and exciting? Need a web dev to do some work? Contact me with the details of your project and we can see if I'm interested in and available to help you.

I use open source tools to develop top quality web sites with usability, standards and high function in mind. I can even host and manage projects if needed.

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Although we take great effort in filtering dangerous email from your accounts, for safety and security with your email we highly recommend Mozilla Thunderbird. As for web browsing we recommend Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

In the News...

'We will forever have nightmares': Coroner's report reveals final moments before inmate died in Ontario jail

Soleiman Faqiri

Nearly seven months to the day his family learned Soleiman Faqiri died inside a small Ontario prison cell, a coroner's report has been released listing a litany of injuries the 30-year-old suffered in the final minutes of his life.

Quebec City mosque supports anti-radicalization centre, but mayor says it's not needed

Mohamed Labidi

The president of the Quebec City mosque where six men were shot and killed in January supports the suggestion of Quebec's deradicalization centre to open up a bureau in the province's capital following a surge in far-right radicalism.

Technology has changed migration patterns, but Western aid policies are stuck in the 1980s: Andrew MacDougall

Refugees Border 20170226

Can aid-spewing governments be more nimble than the technology that helps migrants flee? Not likely, writes columnist Andrew MacDougall.

Pikangikum First Nation youth show strength, support in face of tragedy

Project Journey Pikangikum

A group of young people in Pikangikum First Nation are trying to help their community in the face of recent tragedies.

Indigenous Games help recovery from a 50-year-old insult


For many Indigenous communities, the 1967 Pan American Games in Winnipeg were a source of pain because 10 athletes were denied the chance to enter the stadium as torchbearers. Fifty years later, a film portrays a story of survival, reconciliation and hope for future generations.

Powerful quake kills 2 tourists on Greek island


A powerful earthquake struck Greek islands early Friday morning, damaging buildings and a port, killing at least two people and causing more than 120 injuries, authorities said.

Without McCain, Senate's ability to advance Trump's goals looks uncertain


A devastating diagnosis that might indefinitely sideline a key Republican legislator is throwing into doubt U.S. President Donald Trump’s plans to advance his agenda.

Canada's child benefit is not being collected by many Indigenous families — here’s why

Trudeau Tour 20170113

Many Indigenous families on reserves and in the North have not been applying for the Canada child benefit because they are either unaware of the program or they are not filing their income taxes — a requirement for eligibility.

Khadr's war crimes appeal could hinge on bin-Laden propagandist's case

Khadr US 20170717

As the wrongful death case against Omar Khadr winds its way through the Ontario courts, his legal battle in the U.S. to quash his war crime convictions remains on hold, pending the outcome of a case involving a former propagandist for Osama bin Laden.

Why an Ontario woman is fighting for her right to swim topless

Sherbrook Pool

The lawyer of a woman who has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario says her client was being discriminated against when she was told that she could not swim without a top.

Source: CBC | Top Stories News